Workshop Services

Comprehensive Auto Services- We offer a full range of services in all our workshops including Light, Heavy duty vehicles and equipment | Bodyworks and Oven Spray (sikkens accredited) | Air-Conditioning | Genuine Autoparts and accessories supply including Tyres and Batteries



Bodyworks and Oven Spraying

(sikkens accredited)

We place emphasis on accurate measurements and alignment of body parts so everything fits seamlessly together in our repair/replacements works. We are able to meet our customers’ expectation through careful straightening of frame and body, and preparation of surface to a smooth finish before spraying, using only genuine paint and materials. We restore vehicle appearance and condition while paying special attention to detail in our work.

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Genuine Autoparts and Accessories

Reliability and trust on spare parts fixed. 

We supply vehicle parts and accessories including tyres and batteries, with adequate warranty.

Spare Parts